Annoying Orange: Picture Contest Winners!


Finally! I announce the winners of the Annoying Orange Picture Contest! See all of the winners here: JUDGES: WINNERS: First Place: LAST SUPPER: Created by Vojtěch Jelínek Runner ups: NAKED ORANGE: Created by Charles Simard WAZZ UP: Created by Andrew Malbas SPEED RACER: Created by Joemar Garraton TERMINATOR ORANGE: Created by cycloRon DEATH STAR ORANGE: Created by César E LORD OF THE ONION RINGS: Created by Christian Urban ANNOYING FACEBOOK: Created by Angel Hernandez ORANGE VS. ZOMBIES: Created by Janine Reyes BASEBALL ORANGE: Created by Spas GODFATHER ORANGE: CHEESE GRATER SLIDE: Created by alban avdyli ORANGE VALDEZ: Created by Ricardo Jimenez ORANGE ALMIGHTY: Created by Rica Echague IRONING ORANGE: Created by juRiS tUngpALan FRUIT COCKTAIL: Created by Armaine Joyce Heraldo SUPER MARIO ORANGE: Created by Adam Katz E! HOLLYWOOD STORY: Created by Matt Fleet ANNOYING PLANET: Created by Lilian Krumov

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