Angela Yang – MuchMusic VJ Search 2.0 Audition


Hi everyone, I’m Angela Yang and this is my audition video for Muchmusic vj search 2.0. In this video there’s robots, the cinnamon challenge, climbing trees, singing, rockband, you name it we’ve got it. ps yes i did really try to eat a spoonful of cinnamon. and that knee slide really hurt haha Enjoy and vote for me!! You can rate my entry here: and join my facebook group: Please feel free to share,rate, comment. Please feel free to comment with why you think I should be the next MuchMusic VJ to show your support 🙂 After September 28th, MuchMusic will take a couple weeks to sift through all the entries and select 16 finalists. Those finalists will be given challenges for several weeks that will be available for everyone to view online. The challenges could be creating blogs and video reviews, working as a teams, working individually, etc. The challenges start October 13 when they announce the 16 finalists and slowly start eliminating finalists every few weeks until they bring 4 finalists to MOD for the final on-air challenges and showcase their new VJ in early December! Many thanks to Alex Chung and Lester Calleja for helping me shoot/edit/general all around awesomeness. Please check out their amazing work here:

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