Carla Bruni Italian flag-opening cerem


télévision suisse romande-drapeau italien porté par carla bruni-accueil président de la république-Music … Tout » -Carla Bruni carrying a folded Italian flag-opening ceremony XX Olympic Winter Games torino 2006 Following the exit of the flaming skaters, the sounding of seven alphorns to the notes of the Occitan Hymn signaled the beginning of the next segment that paid tribute to the Alps and the seven Alpine countries: Italy, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany and Slovenia. Artificial snow and life-size pine tree shapes set the mood for this segment as the stage was transformed from red to white. This section paid tribute to the Italian flag whose entrance was led by 26 Olympic medalists in white suits and gowns marching in two files. Following the athletes was model and singer Carla Bruni carrying a folded Italian flag. Bruni wore a sparkling gown by Giorgio Armani, inspired by crystal and ice.

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