(English Subtitles) Sara Carbonero interviews Iker Casillas after lose to Switzerland World Cup


In response to the press hysteria in England, the Spanish newspapers El Mundo, El Pais, Diaro de Navarra and the popular sports daily Marca all ran articles suggesting that the original report in The Times of London was preposterous. There was, they agreed, no wave of antipathy directed at Ms. Carbonero and no one seemed to be able to find Spanish Web sites teeming with enraged comments from fans who held the reporter responsible for the national team’s defeat. In addition to expressing shock at this apparent journalistic lapse on the part of the British press, El Pais seemed baffled by the fact that The Times of London is “a serious and influential newspaper, and one of the leaders of British journalism.” That may be true, but the newspaper has been owned for some time by the same man who publishes Britain’s most popular tabloid, The Sun….. (read the rest here) thelede.blogs.nytimes.com

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