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POPTUB fans: Maria wants to hear your New Year’s resolutions! Send us a video about your resolutions and we’ll feature it in POPTUB Daily. Check out the videos we’re featuring today: A Charlie Brown Christmas – Christmas Time is Here Song (ufopeach) www.youtube.com Soulja Santa doing Crank Dat with his little helper. (pdqueeney) www.youtube.com Crank Dat Santa Claus (awchewning) www.youtube.com Christian the Lion- the full story (in HQ) (TadManly) www.youtube.com Carol of the Bells – 2007 – Holdman Christmas Display (AgentJack13) www.youtube.com Carol of the Bells Christmas Lights 2008 (breaker020) www.youtube.com Christmas Lights – Carol of the Bells – Monique Danielle (datil1) www.youtube.com Carol of the Bells – Christmas Lights in Chino, California (jellytheory) www.youtube.com Sandstorm 2008 (Sparkylights) www.youtube.com Close Up: Christmas Lights (TVNewZealand) www.youtube.com Spliniter Zone – Deck The Halls (Cover) (SplinterZoneTV) www.youtube.com Jingle Bells (Using Only SuperNotes) Collab (RhettandLink) www.youtube.com Hilarious dog sledding on people!! (Miley Cyrus 7 Things) (dancekeakle) www.youtube.com POPTUB: The cream of YouTube’s crop, the apple of YouTube’s eye, the sunshine of YouTube’s life.

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