Eva Mendes Sexy Pics in Allure Magazine August 2010


Eva Mendes tells the August issue of Allure magazine she wants to be known for more than just being sexy. GUESS WHAT? EVA (AYVA) MENDES DOESN’T WANT TO BE KNOWN JUST FOR BEING SEXY. THAT’S FINE, BUT THE ONLY WAY AROUND IT IS, IF SHE STARTS WEARING A BAG OVER HER HEAD THE BOMBSHELL ACTRESS , KNOWN FOR HER SUPER HOT CALVIN KLEIN ADS SHOWS OFF HER AWESOME ASSESTS AND ANIMAL INSTINCTS IN AUGUST’S ALLURE MAGAZINE THE SEXY COVERGIRL ADMITS SHE’S RESPONSIBLE FOR THE IMAGE SHE PUTS OUT THERE BUT WONDERS WHY THERE’S A DOUBLE STANDARD WHEN IT COMES TO GETTING NAKED. SHE SAYS, “[When] other actresses who aren’t thought of, maybe, as being quite as attractive do full-frontal, they’re called brave. Nobody has ever said, ‘Eva, you’re so brave for doing full-frontal nudity.’ Just because I’m attractive doesn’t mean it’s not still scary. Why am I not brave?” OK, EVA, YOU’RE BRAVE… THE TRAINING DAY STAR TELLS THE MAG SHE “WORKS OUT AGGRESSIVELY” BECAUSE SHE’S “AN ACTRESS.” “If I weren’t, SHE SAYS, I’d be pleasantly plump in the south of Italy.” SOMEHOW, WE DOUBT THAT…

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