Haiti earthquake: Appeal of Gigi Buffon & Alena Seredova


SOS Children’s Villages is supporting thousands of quake-affected children in Haiti. Our international donation gateway for Haiti can be found here: www.sos-childrensvillages.org At the moment, this country is going through terrible times and we would like SOS Children’s Villages to increase their help not only in certain areas, but to extend it to the whole country. There are areas that have been very badly hit, very badly, such as the downtown area and others. People there have nothing, nothing, the houses are completely destroyed! SOS Children’s Villages is collaborating with other organisations to provide the people with what they need, not just the children but also parents and Haitians in general. All Haitians are equal now, because nobody has anything, there are no rich people and no poor people, everybody sleeps outside. We want to thank SOS Children’s Villages for their efforts to improve our situation and the situation of Haiti.

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