How to Feel Sexy and Shed Pounds While Still Enjoying Life ..Secrets from Elessa


Having the proper diet and exercise isn’t always enough.. You have to be aware of what you eat and how much you consume. Sure eggs are good for you but going over board isn’t. There is a happy medium to everything. In this video I’ll talk about how to lose weight slowly and keep it off. Remember that you have to exercise to keep your heart rate up and exercise. Exercise releases endorphins and that is a great feeling 🙂 I get this question asked a lot about weight and it isn’t about how much you weigh, it is about how you feel and if you are healthy. So don’t focus on numbers but focus on feeling good. Confidence is everything from size 0 to 22 we can all be confident. This is the first time I have shared (publicly) my secrets to maintaining your ideal weight and staying there. These tips work, I can say that I have been the same size since highschool minus the 2 years(gaining and losing) of the “freshman 20”. Good luck and consult your doctor about what will work for you and your diet. No butt? No problem… that is what booty pops are for 😀 What do you think of the white background? Theme song by: Official Pursebuzz Site Follow Me on Twitter http Facebook Myspace sponsored by: all the fast food places jk

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