Interview ll Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart


Questions translated below: What do you prefer about the person next to you? Rob: I like her hair. Kris: Hm. I like his feet. What is it that you can’t bear about the person next to you? Rob: Her personality. Kris: His smell. What do you know about our new president? Rob: I know his name is Sarkozy. And he has short hair and a pretty wife… Kris: I know his name is Sarkozy.. now! Could you fall for each other in real life? Rob: *hits buzzer* Do you know swear words in french? Kris: Merde! Rob: Merde, yeah. What do you absolutely want to do while you’re in Paris? Kris: See more than the inside of my hotel room. Rob: Yeah, stay longer. Kristen, how many of your friends harassed you to get Robert’s phone number? Rob: I’m actually interessed in that… Kris: Err. Rob: None? *giggles* Kris: So many actually! Really, really. Kristen, who’s the sexiest Zac Efron or Robert? Rob: No,I’m waiting! Kris: *hits buzzer* Can you sing a french song for us? Rob: I asked you first! Kris: uh uh. Rob: Why? Kris: I can’t! Rob: Frère Jacques… yeah that’s about it… I don’t know the rest of the words…! Which one of you wants to have dinner with me? Rob: Hm, Kristen does! Kris: Yeah! Can you show us the technique for a good movie kiss? Rob: You’re going like really fast.. like *does weird things* That’s normally quite good. Especially with Kristen.. In the face! Kris: Yeah! *hits buzzer* I own nothing, not a single thing.

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