Jasmine Isabella Cullen Chapter 27


DON’T STEAL The shower unknotted the tightened muscles in my back and washed away my thoughts. When I got out, I felt calm again. It was then that I noticed I’d gotten the outfit that looked like my mother’s. I unfolded the already crumpled picture and laid it down in front of me. I found it funny how it didn’t make me cry anymore. The picture of my parents actually gave me happiness now. I couldn’t fathom why. Maybe I’d needed to talk to someone about it. Or maybe Seth just had a calming affect that Jasper couldn’t give me. I looked at the picture again and smiled a real smile. My parents had gone to heaven together, which made me smile even more. I stepped out of the steaming hot bathroom and headed down the stairs. “Morning, everyone,” I said as I took in the Cullens and the werewolves in the living room. “Good evening, Sleeping Beauty,” Seth greeted me. I laughed. “Hey, she had a long day yesterday,” Bella said in my defense. She winked at me and I smiled. “Cut her some slack.” “Fine,” Leah said. “But next time, I eat your breakfast.” Alice brought in a plate of something that smelled delicious. I had no clue what it was but I knew I would eat it gladly. “Better than water and rancid chicken, no?” Seth teased. “Way better,” I said. I took a big bite of the soft bread Alice put in my lap and stifled a groan. It tasted so good, all this food. The rest of the morning continued with some chatter. Some about me, some about the Cullens, the werewolves, my mortality slipped

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