Little Complications: Episode 2


first of all, yes, delena will be together at the end, and in the middle. but cope with me as i need a storyline and a bad mom isn’t enough lol 😀 *When they get there* Ms. Martinez: Hi, honey! Selena(shocked): Mom? Ms. Martinez(hugs her): Yes, I know I’ve changed. But I’m a lot happier now. Selena: Hopefully I’ll be too. Ms. Martinez: We’ll talk later. But first let’s get Erik into a bath, okay? Erik: YAY! Selena(smiles): Yeah. Ms. Martinez(hugs Erik): I’ve missed you, baby. Erik: I missed you, too, Mommy. Selena(smiles): Come on. *Ms. Martinez(we’ll call her Nellie) takes Erik up to his room, which is connected to his own bathroom.* Erik: WOW! Nellie(smiles): I earn a lot of money, even with paying child support. Selena: Do you still…? Nellie: We got a court agreement. Erik, can you handle it yourself? Erik: Yeah. Nellie: Okay. *She takes Selena to her room and sits down on the bed with her.* Nellie(sighs): I’ve missed you guys, honey. Selena: I’ve missed you, too. Nellie: The last time I saw you, you probably hated me for hitting Dad, being drunk all the time, and yelling at everyone. Selena: I understand now. Nellie: I know. It was just so…hard for me to accept Alex cheating on me. Selena: I know, Mom. It must have felt awful. Nellie(smiles): So as you see, I sold the old house and we live here now. Selena: Wow. Nellie: And I’m home all the time. Maybe we can invite Alex over some time. Selena: Okay. Nellie: Is he still with Izabel? Selena: Uh, no. She…broke up

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