Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Caught Kissing: Proof Robsten is on?

Description: – Become a Fan! – Follow Us! Check out the photos: Finally, we’ve got some proof that Robsten is ON. Stay tuned for the story. It’s true. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart just got caught by the cameras. I’m Dana Ward and ClevverTV has the story… In a photo-first and published by Celebuzz, the rumored couple is straight up kissing for all to see in Montreal – where KS is busy shooting the film, On the Road. According to the photographer, Robsten were getting close and they made out for 25 whole seconds. I guess the dude had his stop watch with him… Now we’re kinda bummed that this pic is so super blurry – I mean, usually paparazzi take the cleared pix ever – but you can def tell what’s going on, and probably since it’s out-in-the-open now, Kristen and Robert can kinda relax a bit and not stress so much about keeping so uber-quiet about their relationship. I’m wondering how these two even went this long without getting a real-life kiss caught on camera – how on earth do you think they did it? And why do you think that Robsten chose to get all kissy-kissy for so long and in public? Tweet us your thoughts right now – that’s @ClevverTV. Also, click follow on our Twitter page for all of your Twilight Saga news. I’m Dana Ward, thanks for watching the show!

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