Selena Gomez Calls Bieber Short! – Kim Kardashian Spreads Snooki! – Glee Spoilers!


LOOK HERE! CLICK HERE TO EXPAND! Sign up to enter or just vote!!! Please rate “Thumbs Up”! Leave a comment! Fave if you love it! I hope you SUBSCRIBE for more!! _____ Fun Comment Questions of the Day: Answer Any or All!!! 1. Are you more beautiful on the INSIDE or OUTSIDE? 2. Do you think Kim Kardashian was really concerned about that woman? 3. Same something nice about Selena Gomez or Robots! 4.Did you watch the Katy Perry interview? Thoughts? What about Lyric Videos? Love them? 5. What are you most looking forward to in Season Two of GLEE??? 6.Will you be watching Jersey Shore premiere this week? Will you Spread Snooki? BONUS: Use the word Turnip in a sentence! It will amuse me! HA! __ In this episode, Buck talks about Kim Kardashian tweeting a message of loving yourself! Selena Gomez loses her voice but still goes on George Lopez as a robot and calls Justin Bieber SHORT! Katy Perry and LisaNova team up for a fun day on YouTube. Glee season two spoilers (poor wheelchair kids!) and get ready for Jersey Shore season two with the Snooki spread! Also more on YOBI.TV and thank you to them for partially sponsoring this video! GET YOUR BUCK T-SHIRT! ONLY ON SALE TWO MORE DAYS!! Follow Buck on Twitter! More on began in 2008 as a contest network. In our first two contest seasons, we gave away over $200000 in cash and prizes to members just like you. Our next contest seasons promise to be even bigger and better. We currently host four

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