TILA TEQUILA Speaking Vietnamese! RARE!


I LOVE Tila Tequila!!! I’ve been dying to know if she knew how to speak Vietnamese and if so, can she speak it fluently? I finally got a chance to ask Tila myself in a live chat (USTREAM). Surprisingly, she replied! She’s the best! I pieced this video together to share this RARE moment with you guys. Enjoy! Comment and rate! Thanks, misslisali Follow Tila Tequila on Twitter: www.twitter.com Tila Tequila’s LIVE CHAT: www.ustream.tv Sign up (FREE) to chat with Tila Tequila LIVE: www.ustream.tv PS – I made Tila Tequila and Onyx into Sims characters in the PC game, “The Sims 2 – PC”. I tossed in 2 pictures at the end of the video just for the heck of it. They’re not all that. You like? I might post more videos of that soon, so please stay tuned! xoxox

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