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Turning Anger into Action After Tragedy « Topviralvideo

Turning Anger into Action After Tragedy


Midland,TX.-“That young lady has just basically destroyed her life.” And including her victim, many others. “I guarantee most of her friends will think it will never happen to them that she made a bad choice, not them.” Bruce Cooper is all too familiar with bad choices, a counselor at PDAP, he spends his time trying to fix them. So, he wasn’t surprised when he read Kaily Rosales, “smoked a bowl of marijuana”, then got behind the wheel. “Its not a lot, it an average, like sit down and smoking a joint, its just a different way of in taking it.” Cooper says, its that false sense of security that can lead to this and once the scene is cleaned up; Cooper says its typical for the community to ask why. “Theres usually kind of a boomerang effect where everybody jumps out and brings down a hammer real heavy.” Instead of new laws and harsher punishments, Cooper says the community should stop the problem before it begins and from his experience that starts at home. “Parents need to take the time to sit down with their kids and talk, talk about everything because chances are you kid is doing this and they dont have to.”

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