Oh yeah and Tyrese was there also. Last night his well publicized “Twitter Bash” was in full effect at My House in Hollywood. Black Ty invited his numerous male and female groupies / fans / followers and random ass negroes to party with him! People did came out in droves, but most couldn’t get inside after the fire marshall shut it down! A lot of the non regulars were pissed and fighting! Someone didn’t tell them you can’t just walk in to a party in Hollywood. More interesting though was the pairing of Tila Tequila and Willie of Day 26! I must say the two looked delicious together. DE-LI-CIOUS! That’s one sex tape I would pay to see ($1.99 max though)! Even though Tyrese, Willie, and Tila arrived together, by the end of the night poor Ty-Ty was left alone while the other two drove off in to the sunset to an unknown destination. Don’t be mad Ty! Maybe you and Tila can go shoe shopping later.

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