Yazybee TV- WWE Divas Tribute Featuring Angelina Love and Velvet Sky [Lady GaGa: Love Game]


This video has taken me so long! I mean, there have been so many Movie Maker issues and the music won’t work and everything was so messed up! It’s ’cause I got a new computer and I had to get a new Movie Maker and then it went wrong and I ended up with a really dodgy one! But now I can finally upload my tribute, so much time and effort has gone into this so please comment, rate and subscribe! I may change the video later on if the audio swap doesn’t go right. Please visit: www.myspace.com/coleydreamer for my official MySpace page www.bebo.com/Coley_Kennet for my official Bebo www.twitter.com/yazybee for my official Twitter!

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