[Not footage]Kanye West vs Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards 2009 [Not footage]


FOR LEGAL REASONS THE ACTUAL VIDEO WILL NOT BE UPLOADED BY MYSELF BECAUSE VIACOM ARE NOTORIOUS FOR HAVING THEIR CONTENT REMOVED AND THE PEOPLE WHO UPLOADED IT BANNED. FOR THIS REASON, I AM NOT RISKING LOSING MY ACCOUNT, AND THIS VIDEO IS JUST MY THOUGHTS ON THE EVENT. Taylor Swift seemed pretty surprised herself to have won the VMA for Best Female Music Video on Sunday evening, but the real shock came when Kanye West suddenly burst onto the stage and rudely stole the microphone from the country crooner during her acceptance speech. “Yo Taylor, Im really happy for you, Ill let you finish, but BeyoncĂ© has one of the best videos of all time,” West said. “One of the best videos of all time!” A clearly embarrassed Swift stood motionless, not knowing what to do as West continued his rant. Eventually, audience members rose to their feet and booed the rapper down as cameras captured a mortified Beyonce. West took his seat (to make matters worse, time was up and Swift didn’t even have a chance to fire back) and controversy continued to ensue as a multitude of celebs told him off, prompting security to circle the area. Diddy later took to the stage to present an award, but the second “Kanye” was uttered again the crowd booed and “Taylor” was chanted through Radio City Hall, the tension reaching a high point when West’s nominated video was played .Beyonce’s hit “Single Ladies” eventually got all it deserved by taking on the big one – Video of the Year. The ever-classy Knowles

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