Shakira – Hips don’t Lie – Verarsche


Danke an bla287 für den Tip! So hat das Video wieder Ton! Parodie von Shakira – Hips don’t Lie and NO I’m not in this Video FAQ: (from their MySpace Site) Q: Who made the video? A: Tom W., Ryan McA., Sal “La Maquina De Amor” L., and Matt B. Q: Why would they do this? Did they have way too much time on their hands? A: Surprisingly no. They did not have a lot of extra time on their hands. The four participants graduated this year, 2006, and for their final in spanish class they had to make a few music videos. This was one of their choices, and my favorite one. Q:What was the grade they got on the project? A:+A to A Range. Q: Will you be uploading the other three music videos? A: I may sometime. But not right now. The shakira one is their best video.

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