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SwitchToMac.com – The Pantless Knights are at it again with a sequel to our “Mac or PC Rap.” This time we’re spoofing the Lonely Island SNL skit “I’m on a Boat” with a Mac fanboy’s anthem about Apple culture and products. Don’t forget to rate, comment and subscribe! -beau, peter and david the pantless knights Get the FREE SONG in mp3 here: pantlessknights.com CREDITS: Created by Pantless Knights / Seedwell Lyrics by Beau Lewis and Peter Furia Camera by David Fine Vocals by Beau-J & Furia feat. Pakwit Instrumental and Song Mix by Jeff Kite Beau Lewis & Peter Furia as Apple Fanboys Special guest Arthur Soroken as “PC Pain” Lauren Chow as “ComputerGal36” Tom Dunnam as Frustrated PC Guy LYRICS: (Shortayyy) Ahh sh*t! Get your laptops ready, it’s about to go down Everybody on YouTube, watch the f***in screen But stay on this muthaf***in page We runnin this – let’s go I’m on a Mac, I’m on a Mac Everybody look at me Cause I’m clickin on a Mac I’m on a Mac, I’m on a Mac Take a good hard look at the muthaf***in Mac! I’m on a Mac, muthaf***a, take a look at me, Straight iPhone’in hard, got the 3G Bumpin iTunes, CoverFlow to be exact You can’t stop me muthaf***a, cause I’m on a Mac! Eat a virus bro I’m on a Mac Pro We rockin 8 cores hard Watch the screen go I got my SuperDrive And my mighty mice-es I’m pluggin girls You at work, pluggin in devices I’m on a tandem fixie And a 64-bit Friends are jealous Cause Parallels can run their sh*t But this ain’t PC, this is real as it gets I’m

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