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“Brit at the Pen” MISSION STATEMENT: to be the most viewed and most disliked video of all time by asking everyone to vote it 1 star and by getting at least 3000 people around the world to watch this video 100 times per day until it becomes the #1 most viewed video of all time on youtube. When we became the #4 most viewed video of all time, YouTube pulled this video off the all time most viewed chart with no explanation. But we’re still plugging away, determined to hit our goal and to get YouTube to put us back on the all time chart. You too can join the “DoNotAsYouDo army”. Simply watch this video over 100 times per day and you’re in. It’s fun and very rewarding! Here’s why… The DoNotAsYouDo army owns itsChrisCrocker, SouljaBoy and Timbaland! (Don’t laugh, ‘My Chemical Nightmare’, oops, I mean, ‘My Chemical Romance’. You’re next;) We created the worst video of all time and rolled itsChrisCocker like a tube of lipstick down to #56. And we haven’t stopped since, throwing more crap on the heap! Since starting our effort, new (for lack of better terms) slimy cheating feces have shown up on the scene. CANSEI DE SER SUCKY has cheated their way to the top of the all-time chart like a CANCER DE SER YOUTUBE. The DoNotAsYouDo army will call them by name, taunt them and replace their pink crap with the Worst Video of All Time. Fitting isn’t it? (To: CANCER DE SER SUCKY, you may be pink and you can cheat 3 million views per day, but you can’t escape the long arm of the DoNotAsYouDo

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