5 Reasons Usain Bolt Owns These Olympics; Bomani & Jones episode 40


With apologies to all the other winners and great stories that have come out of this Olympics, there can only be one star. Phelps vs. Lochte may have helped drive NBC’s ratings, but there weren’t 2 million ticket requests to watch swimming. All eyes were on Bolt, who became the first man in over 20 years to repeat as 100-meter champion, and the last guy who did it didn’t even break the tape both times. From the name to the antics to the jaw-dropping speed, Bolt has owned London. And do NOT miss the postscript on poor Tyson Gay…. For more Olympic coverage check out: www.sbnation.com Subscribe to our channel for more sports videos! Click here: www.youtube.com and www.youtube.com Check us out on Facebook (Facebook.com/SBNation) and follow us on Twitter (@SBNStudios)! SB Nation: Pro Quality, Fan Perspective www.sbnation.com Photo credits Getty Images www.gettyimages.com # – 149861231, 149908092, 149870615, 149870574, 149870937, 149844956

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