Hottie of the Year Tribute – Zoe Saldana (2009)


A very special tribute video I created last December for the sexy and talented Zoe Saldana who without a doubt was the biggest and hottest newcomer of 2009 and therefore won the prize of “Hottie of the Year” at From “Star Trek” to “Avatar”, Zoe did one hell of year and here’s hoping that we’ll see more of her in 2010. All the photographs and footage shown in this video are the property and copyright of Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, 20th Century Fox, Complex magazine, Columbia Pictures, NALA Films, Dreamworks Pictures, Anchor Bay Entertainment, Jerry Bruckheimer Productions, El Camino Pictures, Fox Atomic, Mirimax Films, Warner Bros. Films, Dark Castle Entertainment and any other affiliates. I in no way take any ownership of this material. The song “Roll It Up” by Crystal Method is the property and copyright of Outpost, Geffen, V2 &Tiny E & Sony Music Entertainment. I am not making any profit from this video nor am I looking to break any copyright laws.

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